A large, magnificent and  interesting server spoon  of a royal jester

huge jester server spoon silver
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon to help you visualize the  size

This approximately 11" spoon has a Dutch 835 silver lion 2nd quality silver mark and another untraced mark in the bowl.
There is a third untraced mark below the left hand of the main figure.
I suspect that this huge spoon comes from Schoonhaven, Holland ca. 1900.

jester souvenir spoon
The very realistic happy mustachioed  looking jester is holding a pipe in his right hand and
his left hand is holding a pitcher.
The period style hat has a feather at a downward angle

jester server bowl
The large bowl is repousse/ chased with very fine quality detailed  3- dimensional silver work.
In the foreground we have 5 men and one woman  in period dress playing dice (dice cup) at the table.
Note the interesting styles of headgear.
The left background shows two men talking to a woman who is in a half style window.
The right background shows two men watching a third man drinking  from a tanquard.
Realistic looking foilage is shown throughout the design.
The foreground shows very nice lobate styling.

The stem is cast with a snake surrounding a man's profile and other symbols and is
typical of the stems found on some of these  servers.

The back of the main figure is not finished.

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