lion staff server

This large and heavy 10.75" server boasts a rampant lion holding a staff at the finial while perched on a globe  which is supported by a bare breasted  mermaid.

The bowl features a  child surrounded by foilage.  Where the bowl meets the stem is a child angel which is usually used as a funeral symbol.

I suspect that this spoon was custom created for a family who had a child die. Most likely they had a family crest with a rampant lion and a mermaid.
Books on family heraldry list several prominent families who had both mermaids and rampant lions in the crests. Custom made funeral spoons are also shown in other exhibits.
If we have any historians reading this I would appreciate your comments.

lion/staff spoonlion/staff spoon

The only marking is 800 for the silver quality, and I suspect the spoon was created in central/northern Europe.

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