A very large and impressively  heavy server featuring a number of mythological themes

huge moses server
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon in the picture  to help you guage size.
This spoon is over 12" long and is very heavy.
There is one small untraced mark hidden in the bowl  design just above the bottom central boy image
I suspect that this spoon was manufactured in Hanau, Germany ca. 1870 -1900 possibly  by the firm of
 Weinranck and Schmidt or an (ex) employee (the mark does not look like their mark, but the bowl design is extremely close to their known work)

My further guess is that this spoon was custom designed for use as a server at a  funeral.

huge moses stem spoon
The stem was first cast and then extensive repousse/chasing and cutout work was performed by a master silversmith

I do not understand the symbolism of all these figures and would appreciate any comments my readers might have..

huge moses bowl

As you can see this very busy repoussed/ chased  bowl is about seven inches long and was made by a silversmithing master.
Each side of the top shoulders of the bowl feature a fire-breathing dragon and other symbolism
The picture is a little indistinct. Moses is pictured as balding with a beard and is looking downward.

the top design in  the bowl features two winged angels holding  a flowered urn
The central subject of the bowl is Moses holding the tablet of the commandments with the golden calf to his left and a brick wall behind him
A close variation of this scene is also shown in the Athena/Moses server exhibit

In the lower part of the bowl is a picture of a young man with puttis on each side

The back of the stem and bowl are not finished, but on the bowl back three letters are engraved in very fancy script (possibly 'SLL' but open to interpretation)

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