party music slice silver

This large slice (pie server) has a cello player finial and was designed  to be used at a party
This piece is marked as being 800 silver along with the German crescent/crown mark
I suspect that it was made in Hanau, Germany ca.1900
The finial is cast

children dancing silver server

The top of the repouse/chased bowl shows children dancing

large silver server slice
I have placed a ruler and a tea sized spoon in the picture to help you visualize size.

This large pie server/slice was designed to be used at a party.
The markings on it are very indistinct, but it appears to be 800 silver
this piece was cast as a unit and there is some repousse/chasing work primarily around the shoulders of the bowl
Most likely this piece has seen considerable use as most of the design is indistinct

German pie server silver slice party
The finial shows a couple kissing while a number of others dance .
Most likely it was intended to be a wedding server
but I have placed it in this category because of he bowl (see below)

violin silver pie server
In the bowl, a man appears to be playing a violin while a lad looks at him

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