Huge Silver Spoons

Most of the spoons in these exhibits are very large and are of a highly unusual nature.

Many were probably designed to be presentation or display pieces rather than for actual use.

Most of them are of European origin.

king Louis/marie antoinette set spoons

A gorgeous matched set featuring

King Louis xvi and Queen Antoinette

Female Royalty servers

Queen Elizabeth 1 server
Marie Antoinette server
Noble woman server
Royal Princess Funeral Server
Queen Wilhelmina server
Queen Victoria server

Male Royalty servers

Napoleon servers
Augustus the Strong
Frederic the Great
Admiral Horatio Nelson
King Louis XVi
Jester spoon
Sir Francis Drake/Sir Walter Raleigh
Peter the Great Server

Musical Instrument servers

Trumpet Player spoon
Flute player spoon
Dandy spoon
German music related pie servers

Sailing Ship and Windmill servers

Huge Sailing ship exhibit 1
Huge Sailing ship sets
Huge Sailing ships exhibit 3
Large Windmill servers exhibit 1
Large Windmill servers exhibit 2
Large Windmill servers exhibit 3
Windmill 25th anniversary servers
Water Carrier servers

Historical servers

Rape of Sabine Women
Oath of Horatti
Scholar Spoon
Athena and Moses spoon set
Moses/funeral server
Dragon Hunter
Diana the Huntress
Religious Themed servers
Presentation spoon for military Philippine Hospital
Centennial of Norway's constitution
Artist servers (Rembrandt)
Large Swiss Guard server
Sami Server

Specialized servers

Peter the Great Server
International Berry servers
Gold Nugget Berry servers
Olive servers
Fish slices
Navajo Salad servers
Claret spoons
Huge Bon Bon servers
Open Work servers
Beautiful funeral spoon
Huge devil funeral server
Large conventional style servers p.1
Large conventional style server p.2
Large conventional style servers p.3
Strawberry spoons
Lion/staff/mermaid server

Marriage/wedding servers

Marriage/ Wedding  servers
25th Anniversary Set
Huge Flower Girl server
Croquet server
Large Monkey spoons (unusual)
Large old  Swiss marriage spoons

Themed servers

Hooked End Servers
Indonesian Wayang servers
Siam Ceremonial Servers
Water Carrier servers
People finial servers
Huge dragon spoon rest
Platypus server spoon
The Great Stork spoon

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