stork snake spoon gravenhage

This large spoon features a variety of images.
At the finial is a large stork with a snake in its beak. The stork has been a symbol to various cultures in the last few thousand years. We still talk about a stork bringing
babies.  The stork also is related to motherhood and love and in the Roman era the stork was a symbol of protection. In China the stork brings prosperity and long life.
But the image of the stork with a snake in its beak is a Christian concept of purification and the snake is the symbol of the devil's influence in human affairs. Storks
are also known to hunt/eat snakes.

Below the stork are two cherubs and below is a human figure (probably Jesus).
Just above the bowls are two winged angels which commonly represent Adam and Eve.

The bowl features a crowned  image of the stork and snake surrounded by cornucopia and flowers and vines.

The ribbon at the bottom says "Gravenhage" which is the old term for The Hague and it was also a big center for silver production around the 1900 era when this spoon was created.

There is an unreadable mark so I am unsure of silver quality but suspect that it is 800 purity.
There is also a maker mark of  of 'MC' or 'MG' and another mark of 'D'

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