large swiss guard silver server
I have included a ruler and a tea sized spoon to help you visualize size

This is the large size of the Swiss Guard spoons. Tea sized versions are also available
This beautiful spoon is cast and partially gilded with extensive chasing and some engraving

There is an 830 silver quality mark -- and a German crescent/crown quality mark
I am surprised that there is no manufacturer mark as the workmanship is really nice.

The shield just above the bowl is engraved "Glarus" for the city and/or Canton of Glarus

swiss guard spoon reverse
The back of the spoon is fully finished with fine silversmithing workmanship

swiss guard spoonswiss guard silver spoon
The front and back of the finial are incredibly detailed and show very nice workmanship.
The shield is engraved with a picture of the Pope.
The revese shows a huge broad sword.

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