by Wayne Bednersh

This is a very large 11.5" spoon which appears to celebrate the 'art of drinking'.

At the finial we find a pleasant looking man holding a jug in his left hand and a pipe in his right hand. he is wearing a plain looking cap with a large detailed feather protruding from it. Also note that he has long detailed hair and has a mustache.

The spoon stem seems to be generic as we have seen the same stem on other spoons. There is a picture of a man surrounded by a snake which is winding its way down the stem. Below the snake is another undefined element with a picture of a face above and below a strange looking element.

The very large 4.375" deep bowl appears to show an outdoor pub. We find three men and one woman sitting at a table while a fourth man is standing and apparently is attempting to refill the jug sitting on the table from a larger jug he is holding in his right hand. A fifth man is standing behind the table and is also holding a small jug.

There are also two background scenes. The left one shows a man and woman talking and holding hands while an indistinct figure looks at them. The right background scene shows another man drinking and two other people whose backs are turned to the viewer. There are detailed buildings and a prominent tree also displayed in the background. In the front foreground there appears to be a solitary brick lying on the ground.

Hidden in the bowl design are two silver marks which I have not traced

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