Iceland is a Kentucky size piece of land located just below the Arctic Circle in the North Atlantic Ocean. It was primarily settled by Viking explorers and the indigenous population is genetically very similar. As the land of the Midnight sun, Iceland is composed of geo-thermal vents sitting near massive volcanoes, all of which are wrapped in an envelope of snow and ice.

In 930, the 25,000 strong population established the World's very first parliament, the Althing which still meets in Reykjavik. This spoon was made to honor the 1000th (millenium) anniversary of the establishment of that parliament -- an event of which no other country can boast. An annual "national day" celebration is held on June 17th.

The handle of this spoon is bent in a graceful sweep and the zig-zag style of engraving is designed to represent the indigenous culture

The bowl is "930 Island 1930"

This hand made spoon was made by "Just" of 830 silver in the Arts and Crafts style.

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