At the time in history when most of these spoons were made, the American Indian was no longer considered to be a threat to established society. The art of the era began to romanticize the indian and American society also started to understand the tremendous debt that it owed to various indian chiefs and tribes.

Spoons depicting indians are relatively common but also very popular. Many spoons are either devoted to the indian culture(s) or have a reference to it.

Because of the large number of different types of American indian spoons available, this subject is covered in a number of different exhibits. You can use the links at the bottom of the page or you can return to the index page to see all of the different spoons.

indian spoons

indian spoons

Full figure tea size spoons are very desireable. They often come in heavy and light tea size and the heavy ones are more desireable.

Indian with oar, front and back

Indian with bow and tomahawk, front & back

indian with spear

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Partial figure indian spoons are more plentiful, but are still desireable pieces. Some are quite unique and all show considerable detail.

A most interesting Massachusetts spoon with an enamel indian finial.
The Back is marked "Governors' Clambake" and "Massachusetts Real Estate Exchange"

White Canoe Legend

This "White Canoe" spoon is a great looking piece.

A brief synopsis of the story associated with this spoon.

Wenolah, daughter of the Seneca Chief, was doomed to be sacrificed because she spurned the Medicine Man, but she was the chief's only daughter. The canoe was positioned above the Niagara Falls and about to go over the falls, when her father  rushed out to save her, but they both perished. The bowl contains a picture of the Niagara Falls.

Two other variations of Wenolah and her father

indian with quiver

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Spoons made by indians are also very desireable pieces.

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