Figural Indian Spoons (con't)

Indian with bow. Sometimes a popular spoon would be created in more than one size. These spoons are virtually identical except for size. It is quite amazing that the tool and die maker who created the dies for these spoons was so skillful.The big spoon has "Omaha" engraved in the bowl, while the smaller one has an embossed scene of the Victoria Shaft, Chaney Mines. The large spoon was originally "bronzed" on the indians face and arms, but most of it has worn off.

Cowboy and Indian spoon. This is an amazing spoon. The cowboy with his rope is the front image. If you turn the spoon over, the indian image is on the back of the handle. All of the different shapes of the external handle are filled perfectly. Quite an amazing double die production piece. The bowl contains an embossed and engraved bronco rider scene and is dated 1910.

Indian swinging a tomahawk. Front and back views shown. The bowl is engraved "Chehalis, Wash"

Demi version of a full figure indian with a hatchet at chest level and a quiver on the back

Very nice Indian Princess large full figural

Indian with flat iron buildingindian flat iron building

This is the front and back of the same beautiful spoon. The front shows a male holding a spear and tomahawk

The bowl is engraved with a picture of the flat iron building in New York.

The back of the spoon shows a squaw with her papoose.The  swastika was a symbol of

good luck before Hitler adopted it.

Figural indian brave (embossed on handle) with customization for Denver

This Shepard Montana wavy State Handled spoon features a hand engraved full figured indian shooting an arrow skywards

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