Iran Hand Painted Porcelain Finial

Coin Bowl Spoons

Iran (land of the Aryans)  is a large 630,000  square mile mountainous country which is  about two and a half times as big as Texas. Strategically located between Europe, the Middle East and Asia it is bordered by 10 different countries as well as the important Persian Gulf.

The area was one of the first civilizations created by man and traces its roots before the Elamite kingdom in 2800 BC. As a crossroads country it has a long history of being involved in trading with the surrounding countries and invading and being invaded. by numerous armies and nomadic people.

The country is 95% Moslem (the other 5% is a mix of different religions) and the official and most commonly used language is Persian although other languages are also spoken.

                                       These spoons were all hand made in Isfahan (the old capitol of Persia--1600's)


                                         thus while they are very similar in style, they show differences because of the hand workmanship


Shah Abbas the Great is credited with building the famous Blue Domed Mosque (Masjid-i-shah) in the center of Isfahan. 

Standing at the south side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square, this Safavid period (ca 1611)  Mosque is considered to be an 

excellent example of  Islamic architecture and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The coin bowl appear to be 1/4 kirin from the reign of Raza Shah Pahlavi

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