Italian Style Gothic Flatware

One of the design motif's in the 1870- 1880 time period was termed "Italian" or sometimes Pompeiian. It took its designs from The Italian Renaissance period, but as usual the pieces were modified to fit the American conception. This was not one of the more popular designs developed by the silver manufacturers and it is a style which is still not particularly popular with collectors.

The Wendt Florentine pattern is all hand chased. There is also a pattern similar to this on the back of the handle at the bowl junction. This large spoon measures 8.5". Wendt was in business from 1855- 1870 and at that time it was the "preeminent" maker of flatware in New York. In 1870 the business was divided and sold to two separate firms (Whiting and Adams & Shaw which later was purchased by Dominick and Haff). This spoon is marked with the Shreve, Crump and Low name but they were most likely the retailer.

Gorham's "Old Medici" pattern citrus bowl spoon.
This is a multi-format pattern, but this is the most common version found.
The pattern was first introduced in 1880, but this spoon is engraved "1892"
The bottom element is reminiscent of the empire style.

The gothic style lost popularity in the 1890's, but a few years after the turn of the century, it was re-introduced by several manufacturers with bolder more armorial style designs.

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