Italian Pewter Spoons

In the 1950's Italy was desperate to rebuild its economy after the destruction caused by World War II. The USA, on the other hand, was relatively prosperous and was a open market to any innovative marketing scheme.

One Italian manufacturer started producing variations on these pewter spoons which are marked "Italy". I have seen them in dozens of different sizes, with different implement ends, and with numerous figures etc. A few of them are even gilded with gold. These spoons were inexpensive when new; they have not stood the test of time; and they are readily found today in dozens of different variations. Normally they are priced between $1 and $15 dollars each, although there are many very foolish dealers out there that think what they own are very antique pieces worth their weight in gold. If anyone wishes to acquire these pieces I suggest that they stick to the very low end of this range. If you want to sell these pieces--good luck-- I do not know of anyone who has an interest in acquiring them.

Samples of Italian "antique looking" pewter spoons

Italian Italy pewter spoons medusa

Italian pewter spoons with an image of Medusa in the bowl

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