Jamestown was the first English Settlement in North America.
It was established by the Virginia Company of London in 1607.
Jamestown was  the capital of the Virginia colony for 83 years, from 1616 until 1699.

Jamestown spoonjamestown spoon

The left sterling spoon depicts the "landing at Jamestown 1607"  in the bowl with a scene of people cutting logs and building a settlement
I suspect the handle is representing Captain John Smith who was the most famous leader of the settlement.
Spoon marked 'official' and 'patent applied for' with no manufacturer. This spoon may have had something to do with the Jamestown Exposition of 1907.

The Right sterling spoon depicts the 'old church' at Jamestown, Va. in the bowl. I suspect that this handle represents Sir Walter Raleigh.
There is also a pig shown below the figure. Raleigh sent pigs to the Jamestown area in 1607.
Spoon marked 'patent applied for' but no manufacturer mark shown
Raleigh was granted a royal patent to explore Virginia, which helped future English settlers, but he never actually visited the Virginia area

jamestown spoon smith indians
The handle design on this sterling  spoon is the same as the one on the left in the previous picture
but it is longer and larger.
The bowl shows a detailed  scene of an indian war party armed with tomahawks  with a white man dressed like a settler  lying  on the ground.
I believe this is suppose to represent the story of Pocohontas saving the life of John Smith.

Although it does not say Jamestown, the back says "patent applied for" and it is obviously by the same maker as the other spoons.

I also want to thank Andrew K. for helping me decipher the meaning behind these spoons.

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