Japanese Gem Stone Oyster Spoon Set

This boxed set of six oyster (I think) spoons are from Japan and are marked 950 silver. This makes them a higher purity than sterling. The set was manufactured by K. Uyeda.

There are two heart shaped gemstones that are tiger eye. Two heart shaped gemstones that are green and are either nephrite or jadeite (commonly called jade), and two heart shaped very dark brown gemstones which I haven't identified. I suspect that they are labadorite because they show a very unusual refraction of light, but can't be sure.

I came across an interesting example of how souvenir spoons travel around the world.

The bowl on the left is from this set of Japanese spoons.

The spoon on the right is marked "Made in Germany" and maker "reu", a well known German manufacturer of souvenir spoons. The finial on this spoon is marked as being the "Anderson House, in Lexington, Missouri".

The Japanese spoons and the German spoon are the same size and almost identical, they differ in only some extremely minor details.

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