Japanese Samurai and Porcelain Finial Spoons

The modern Japanese spoons are often available in both sterling silver and silver plate. The sterling spoons are usually marked as "sterling" or silver or sometimes the better quality silver "950" whereas the silverplated variety are unmarked. The finials are usually the same.

Porcelain enameled sterling spoon

embossed sterling spoon with round bowl which contains 3 leaves

Porcelain Finial Spoons

I suspect that sets of these spoons exist, although I have never seen a complete set (I have only seen them singly). Since the silver mountings are slightly different, I suspect that the pieces may have different sets available.

left: Mt. Fujiyama (apparently more common)

right: snow scene

Japanese garden scene
This spoon does not have a purity mark on it, therefore we must assume that it is silverplated
It is identified as Toshikane, Japan
The finial is made in the same manner as the sterling ones shown above

Multi-level house

other variations of these spoons also exist

Seven Gods of Happiness

Ebisu is the patron God of work and symbolizes fishing and industry

The complete set of these 7 Japanese Gods of  Luck may be seen by clicking here

These spoons are also available in both sterling and silver plate. 

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