James C. Holland was a brilliant architect who designed many of the significant buildings of the era.

Mr. Holland was born in a 'log cabin' and eventually be became the State Architect of Kansas which was one of the leading metropolitan areas of the country during the 1875 -1915 time period.

He is credited with the design for many of the most important public buildings in Kansas and many of the surviving buildings are now on the National Register of Historical Places.

The skyline of Topeka is primarily one of Mr. Holland's architectural vision, but he had also designed and supervised the construction of 16 different court house buildings in Kansas as
well as many churches, jails, schools, a railway station and other important business buildings in Kansas and other states.

j.c. holland spoonj c holland spoon

This beautiful spoon was probably created by Gorham Silver as  a tribute to Mr. Holland upon his death.

I also happen to have a few spoons which show some of Mr. Hollands buildings.

j c holland building spoons
1. Engraved Court House, Marion, Kansas
2. Engraved Court House, Fairbury, Nebraska
3. Embossed  Court House, Fairbury, Nebraska

court house spoon marion Kansas
Court House, Marion, Kansas

court house spoon fairbury Nebraskacourt house spoon
Engraved and Embossed views of the Fairbury, Nebraska Court House

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