Sir William Johnson

Rebus/Fraternal order


Sir William Johnson waged successful war against the French and American Indians in the French and Indian War around the 1755 era. (Note George Washington was also involved in this war). The British made him a "baron" and he built his historic house in the area now known as Johnstown, New York.

gloversville johnson spoon

The fortresses which he built to defend the area against the indians are depicted on this spoon

Manufactured in sterling silver by Frank  W. Smith Silver Co.of Gardner Mass.
Spoons were retailed by A.D. Norton ( Alfred Darrow Norton of Gloversville)
I believe the man pictured is Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet and an Anglo-Irish Official of the British Empire who was a large landowner in the area and early settler.
The top spoon is engraved on the back 'Dec. 25, 1892'
The bottom spoon is engraved on the back 'Fish House Club 1892'


I increased the size of this picture so that you could see the rebus.

There is a ladies glove and the letters "rsville"

This stands for Gloversville, New York, which at the time was one of the world's largest producers of gloves.

Fish Club

Engraved on the back of this spoon is "Fish House Club" and the date 1892.

The "Fish House Club" is America's oldest sporting club and was first formed in 1732 in Philadelphia

Various chapters were formed in different cities.

On the web, I was able to find that a relative of George Washington was a member of this club and I am sure that many other prominent Americans were also members

DESCRIPTION: George Leland Dyer (Aug. 26, 1849-Apr. 2, 1914), son of George Washington and Mary Kelley Dyer, was born and reared in Calais, Maine. Appointed to the United States Naval Academy in 1866, he was graduated with honors in 1870. He was made an ensign in July, 1871. Dyer was promoted through grades to the rank of captain in Sept., 1905, and commodore in 1908, when he retired.

This spoon was made in tea and coffee sizes and also with a citrus shaped bowl. It was one of the first Ameican souvenir spoons advertised for sale. Patented by A.D. Norton ( Alfred Darrow Norton of Gloversville)

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