In 1865, the famous science fiction writer, Jules Verne, wrote "From the Earth to the Moon"

In his book he identified Tampa Town, Florida as a launch site for a rocket ship to the moon.

On July 16, 1969, The US government launched the fifth rocket in the Apollo program (First manned moon vehicle) from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 
Merritt Island, Fl is about the same latitude as Tampa Bay but across the Florida peninsula.

This is quite a co-incidence. Out of all the places in the world, how did Verne know that the launch would be in this location?

jules verne luna tampa moon spoon
This sterling spoon features a rocket launch in the bowl with the words "Jules Verne"
The handle features a lunar module racing up the handle towards the moon.

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Featured in Verne's book are before and after pictures of Tampa Town

verne tampa map
Tampa Town after the launch

verne marker tampa florida
Marker at Ballast Point Pier  in Tampa honoring Verne

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