I do not normally buy silver plated spoons unless they are very unusual. This set of 6  individually enameled spoons from Korea definitely fit into the category of being unusual.

I don't know if these designs have some relationship to Korean culture or if they are simply pretty designs. If anyone knows more about this, please contact me.

Apparently the set had some relationship to the Korea  First Bank because that name and insignia is on the back.

I don't know if these spoons were made as a gift to an executive, investor or for novelty purposes. I would appreciate any comments.

Modern Korean Enamels

modern tourist Korean yin-yang enamel spoons (marked silver)

Chop Sticks

Set of modern silver (800) chop sticks (7.875" 200mm) with a serving spoon
The back of the spoon is engraved with Chinese characters which indicates that this was related to a wedding (anniversary?) in 1992. My translators think that this set was a wedding present from the groom and the name and enameling style appears to be Korean.

close up view of the nice workmanship

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