Local Parks

Quincy, Illinois

We sometimes finds scenes from local parks engraved into the bowls of souvenir spoons. We do not find a lot of these commemorative souvenirs, because the costs of custom engraving a spoon were substantial and many did not want to spend the money on a small local park. But since we looked at national parks, I thought it appropriate to also examine some local parks. Every spoon seems to have a history. It is just a matter of doing research. Using the internet I found interesting information about two of these spoons. If anyone has information on any of the others, please contact me.

Deer Park, Belle Isle, Michigan

Krug Park, St. Joseph, Missouri (click for more)

Earlington Park, Sulphur Springs

Wild Cat Glen, Iowa Falls

Lone Rock, Kilbourn, Wisconsin (click 4 pic)

Gaitery Park, Ashville, N. Calrolina (demi)

Now McArthur Park (after Gen Douglas McArthur)

"Queen of the Petrified Forest", California

City Hall Park--New York City

The Detroit Waterworks park served a dual purpose. The primary purpose was to provide a fresh water supply to the city. The secondary purpose was to provide a recreational area. This was a very popular park on hot summer weekends.

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