Twenty-six miles across the sea
Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me
Santa Catalina, the island of romance
Romance, romance, romance

"26 Miles (Santa Catalina)"
(Glen Larson and Bruce Belland)

Chewing gum magnate, William Wrigley, Jr. purchased the entire island (22 miles x 8 miles) in the early 1920's and invested millions in infrastructure and attractions to make the island
into a tourist destination for the Los Angeles area. The major city, Avalon, is part of the city of Los Angeles.
The rest of the island is controlled by a conservancy.

Until 1951, the Chicago Cubs baseball team (owned by Wrigley) used the island for spring training.

As a popular tourist destination, a number of spoons are available from this island.

catalina island spoons

catalina island spoons

A small sampling of the many sterling spoons from Catalina Island

catalina island spoons
Notice that this embossed version shows only one pier, while the one above shows two piers

catalina island spoonsCatalina 160.jpg

The famous Catalina casino was built on the sugarloaf site.
This engraved spoon predates the building of the casino.

tuna fish spoon
Fishing around the island was a popular activity.
I believe this is supposed to be a tuna fish.

catalina island spoon

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