A magnificent large silver server which I believe represents
King Louis XVl of France.

King Louis XVi  (1754 - 1793) was king of France and Navarre.
In 1792 he was arrested and deposed and executed by guillotine (1793).

Early in his reign he made attempts to reform France by abolishing serfdom, increased religious tolerance and reduced taxes,
but most of these reforms failed to resolve the underlying problems in the country.

Finally debt and financial crisis and distrust of the monarchy led to the French Revolution and he lost all credibility.
Louis XVl was the last king of France.

This spoon is half of a matched set with the Marie Antoinette spoon.

king louis xvi silver spoon server
I have put a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon in the picture to help you ascertain size.

The top figure and the stem are cast and the bowl is repoussed and chased.

This spoon contains an untraced mark.
I suspect that it is 800 silver and was made in Hanau, Germany ca. 1900

king louis xvi silver spoon
The cast figure of Louis XVi shows a good looking middle aged monarch in an elaborate costume with his left hand grabbing his sword handle. His right hand seems
to be holding something to his chest.
His shoes are very stylish with large bows.

king louis xvi spoon back
The back of the figure is finished and shows his hair tied in a bow.

This spoon is half of a matched set with the Marie Antoinette spoon

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