Analyzing "Love" Spoons

Of course, any spoon could become a "love" spoon if that were the intent of the giver. It is very common to find spoons engraved to a particular person, and we sometimes find spoons engraved with love messages or unusual wording. This very unusual shovel spoon (marked Sterling Souvenir) has an interesting message engraved on the back.

I have not been able to figure out this message, if you have any idea let me know.

"Virginia, "our ball of fire" from the 800 '52-'53 Stanton Carmel Valley T-2A"

I thought "our ball of fire" was related to the Woody Guthrie song "Great Balls of Fire" but that didn't come out until 1957. I suspect the "800" possibly refers to a class because classes are often referred to in this manner. Stanton is a city in Carmel Valley, California. Have no idea what the T-2A means. Any one with other ideas is invited to write me.

Danish Marriage Spoon

I have had this spoon for a very long time. When I first purchased it, I thought that it was an older spoon because of the shape of the bowl and the engraving style.

After analyzing the marks, I have determined that it is from Denmark and was made about 1910, but it is done in a style which is about 100 years earlier. I can only surmise about the meaning and thought that went into this very pretty spoon, but upon reflection I have determined that it is probably a gift made by the groom to his bride.

This large heavy serving spoon measures about 9" (230mm) and is handmade with very stylish engraving on the front and back

The front is engraved to the Bride

The back contains the engraved initials of the newly married couple

The marks indicate that it was made in Copenhagen in 1910 and carry the control mark for C.F. Heise (1904 - 1932). The maker or retailer appears to be L.J. Lauridsen

If you have a different interpretation of this spoon, email me.

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