This is a small collection of spoons from an original collection circa 1900

The collector most likely lived in Michigan as all of the spoons were from that area.

Twenty years ago, it was common to find collections of this type, but now most spoons are from the resale market.
All the spoons on this page are sterling silver.

arch rock spoons

Arch Rock  on Mackinac Island is a 146 foot high  natural limestone formation dating to the time when glaciers covered the area.
Now it is part of Mackinac Island State Park and is still a major tourist destination. The original inhabitants considered it to be of divine power.
These spoons are from the 1900 era.
top: small  demi spoon with fishing scene handle and arch rock in the bowl. Manufactured by Paye and Baker

1. Nice  indian sculpture handle (also found with different bowls) and  embossed picture of arch rock.  unidentified manufacturer, sterling, patented '91 (1891)
2.  Multi -scene handle  with embossed view of arch rock with climbers on top. Manufactured by Alvin
3. nice indian handle with an engraved view of Arch Rock. Manufactured by Codding Bros. back of  bowl engraved "NE"


arch rock spoon closeup

close up view of engraved view of arch rock

mackinac arch spoons
Three engraved spoons of the Mackinac Arch rock

ft mackinac spoons
British built fort on Mackinac Island to control the strategic straits between Lake Michigan  and Lake Huron.
15 years after the Revolutionary war, the British ceded the fort to the American army which used it until 1895.
It was also the scene of two battles during the war of 1812
top: multi scene handle front and back including a wolverine, Soo Locks and Arch Rock. Embossed bowl. Manufactured by Chas. M. Robbins
middle: multi scene handle including a 'load of logs' and a copper mine. embossed bowl. Manufactured by Shepard
bottom: multi scene handle including Arch rock, Sugar Loaf Rock, and Grand Hotel on back. embossed bowl. Manufactured by Manchester Baker

ft mackinac spoon
close up view of old fort Mackinac

Mackinac island spoons
1.  Grand Hotel on handle . unidentified manufacturer
2.  Interesting art nuevo and art deco combination handle and acid etched 'Island of Mackinac" in bowl -hard to read mark but might be Gorham
3. unusual two pronged fork with indian handle and identified as "Island of Mackinac". manufactured by Alvin
right: multi scene cut out handle manufactured by Robbins

spoon detroit, south haven, new poe locks
1. Sault St. Marie handle with nice engraved bowl of the "new Poe Locks".  patented 1895, unidentified maker
The Poe Locks built in 1895-96 were the largest locks at the time of completion.
The Sault St. Marie (pronounced 'soo') was designed to permit ships to transit between Lake Superior and the Other Great Lakes
2. generic pattern handle spoon with engraved gold washed bowl engraved "South Haven, Mich". Back of handle engraved "Aug.1899"
3. multi scened demi spoon with embossed picture of Detroit Harbor in the bowl (same scene available on larger spoons). manufactured by Watson

I want to thank Dave Cruson for bringing these spoons to my attention

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