Marie Antoinette was born an archduchess of Austria in 1755.
She became the Dauphine of France and eventually Queen of France in 1774.
Her Husband, Louis XVI of France assumed the throne upon the death of Louis XV.

A popular revolution swept through France and she and her husband were deposed and imprisoned.
Her husband's fate was sealed by the newly developed guillotine and eight months later her fate was sealed in the same manner.

marie antoinette silver server spoon
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon so that you can envision the size of this huge server.
Measuring approximately 11", this cast spoon is very nicely done.
However there is only one mark ( crowned A) which I have not been able to trace definitively. I suspect the spoon is 800 silver.
I further suspect that the spoon was made in Hanau, Germany during the 1890's and then exported to France for resale.

marie antoinette server spoon
The French style of hair is quite interesting and notice the exceedingly small waist.
She appears to be holding a flower in her left hand. I also thought the double cuff was an interesting style

marie antoinette silver spoon
The reverse of the figure shows her hair style and gown

marie antoinette bowl style

nice repousse and chased work was done in the bowl.

This spoon is half of a matched set with the Louis xvi spoon

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