part 1

Technically most of these spoons were created to be used at a wedding,
however there is nothing to stop them from being used to celebrate and anniversary
or funeral or other significant event where food service is needed.

marriage serves

marriage server17th century marriage server

marriage servermarriage server

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marriage servermarriage server angels

Angels were often used as a means of support and were to show divine guidance or for future divine protection

marriage server

The man is at the finial, while the woman is engraved in the bowl and holding scales
as if she is making an economic calculation of the value of the marriage (my interpretation)

adam eve marriage server

adam eve marriage serveradam eve marriage server

We are all familiar with the Adam and Eve biblical story.
In this interpretation we see a semi-clothed Adam and Eve (topless) standing next to the proverbial apple tree
while the snake is entwined around the tree

croquette marriage server

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marriage servermarriage servers

marriage server
There are 'hidden' pictures of 'lovebirds' in the bowl

marriage server finialmarriage server finial

The front of the finial  shows a man and woman holding hands. The reverse shows 'lovebirds'.
Unfortunately the quality of the silver casting in the finial could be better.

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