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marriage servers
The normal tea sized spoon on the right is to help you evaluate size

marriage servermarriage server
An excellent example of a master silversmith's work
The finial shows a man and woman (am not sure of the meaning of the central face --but I suspect that it is the devil)
(this same motif can  be seen on another spoon by clicking here)
The elaborately repousse/chased bowl shows a man smoking a large pipe and talking to a woman while a dog is resting in the foreground
Note the elaborate brick work and flooring work and items on the wall as well as the plain style furniture.
The cherubs were to indicate divine intervention and approval.

wedding server
marriage server finialmarriage server
Very nice Art Nouveau style wedding server featuring an adoring couple at the finial (finished on both sides)
The bowl is pierced for serving a food item that needs to be drained.

marriage serverwedding server

Notice the Art Nouveau styling of the young lady as she leaps to kiss her lover
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marriage server
This is a variation on the Adam and Eve theme for an older couple.
Note the apple tree in the design
The  ten point star design has several different meanings.
 It sometimes represents man's domination over the earth  but is also associated with individual existentialism and
sometimes it is  associated with spiritual well being and prosperity
Art Nouveau auricular styling is used in several places
I have also seen other variations showing this couple. (I am not sure if they were a royal couple or a historical couple)

lapland wedding serverlapland wedding server

Tourist style Lapland wedding server. This example is larger than most of the tourist examples
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Old rare Swiss marriage spoons

Other marriage spoons

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