Medallion Silver Flatware

During the 1880's several companies made Medallion pattern flatware. These flatware sets are available in sterling and silver plate and are also available with a wide varieties of different serving pieces. Silver in this style is generally not collected by souvenir spoon collectors, but there are some people who specialize in this pattern. In recent years some flatware in this style has been reproduced.

Medallion was a variation of the neo-classic style and various versions are available from most of the major manufacturers.

The left spoon has a deeper history and if you are interested in presentation spoons you can click the picture.

The right spoon is an interesting Roman warrior with typical Gothic style decorations on a twisty handle with a plain bowl.(no manufacturer or purity marked)

Gorham sterling female serving spoon with a nice gothic antefix. Patented 1864

These two rare medallion spoons were made by the George W. Shiebler Co. of New York in a hand hammered arts and crafts manner. You should particularly notice the nice sculptured look of the handle as well as the oblong aesthetic style gold washed bowls. Although these are demi spoons, they weigh almost as much as most tea spoons.

Shiebler spoon, roman god, greek god

Cute coin silver creme server marked with the Wood and Hughes trademark and engraved with a "B"

This full sized Medallion fork is only marked "D.J Hay Co" which was probably the retailer. I suspect that it is silverplated but haven't tested it.

Much of the flatware in this style is silver plated and even some of the sterling silver is not marked.-- caveat emptor.

This is an unusual spoon and it does not exactly belong in this category as it is not a normal medallion spoon.
A craftsman took a conventional round headed spoon and created this exquisite knight in armor (Aug. 1892)

st augustine medallion spoon

cute demi from St. Augustine

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