As a general rule, I don't collect medicine spoons, although there are some people who specialize in this area and there are a great number of different, unusual and intriguing designs. Rainwater's book on American Spoons shows quite a few examples.

I was reading Hood's excellent book about Tiffany spoons, however, and the next day I had an opportunity to purchase this very interesting looking medicine spoon by Tiffany. I couldn't resist.

This spoon is all gold washed and was made by Tiffany between 1903-1910

The design is not in one of their standard patterns, so it was probably custom produced for someone. I would think that it would be very expensive to have a die made for just one spoon, so I would not be surprised to learn that a whole set of flatware is available in this design pattern.

This is a relatively rare but famous spoon known as the "Joseph Jefferson" spoon which was manufactured by the "R.W.S. Co" and was supposedly given to patients of Dr. Jefferson on his retirement

The bowl contains the verse

"Here's your good health, and your family's and may they all live long and prosper"

An interesting commemoration spoon may be seen by clicking here

A spoon about the most famous Doctor in US and Canada

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