Mexico is a 760,000 square mile Federal Republic with a 115,000,000  population.
Comprised of  31 states and a Federal District (Distrito Federal --aka Mexico City), Mexico was and still is a very popular tourist destination for US residents.

Mexico is a great nation that borders on much of the U.S. southern boundary. At the time when these spoons were made, the American and German companies created spoons which were designed to be sold to American tourists visiting Mexico. Some Mexican created pieces were also imported into the USA and sold through American silver manufacturers (see the Pan Am expo piece under world fairs).

Mexico is now probably the largest producer of silver in the world. It has a thriving silver industry and currently produces numerous silver objects of many types which are imported into the USA, but most of the spoons which are being created at this time do not have the panache of the older pieces. Many art deco style pieces are still being produced.

Mexican art deco silver is now starting to command some startling prices, especially if it was made by a recognized company. I see these pieces being offered for sale at high prices. A recent book on "Spratling Silver" by Sandraline Cederwall and Hal Riney may have something to do with this "sudden interest." Spratling was an American ex-patriot who moved to Mexico and established an upscale silver manufacturing firm in Taxco specializing in his own designs. Most of his designs were "arts and crafts" style. He did not do his own work, but hired hundreds of workers (over the years) to actually produce the items.

enameled Mexican spoons
Nicely enameled sterling spoons (made in the USA) about Mexico.

mexico souvenir spoons
all spoons are sterling silver or 800 silver

mexico silver spoon
Castle of Chapultepec, Chapultepec (grasshopper hill) Park, Mexico City

The only "Royal Castle" in North America is sited on an Aztec sacred hill and served as the residence of Emperor Maxmilian 1.
It is currently a magnificent national history  museum.

mexico silver spoon
Statue of an Aztec warrior
Made in Germany from 800 silver

mexico silver spoon

The Mexicali brewery was established in 1923 and quickly became the largest brewery in northwest Mexico.
The brewery closed down in 1973.

mexico silver spoon
All spoons are sterling silver except the leftmost spoon which is labeled as "solid copper"

mexico silver spoon
Mission Guadalupe, Juarez, Mexico  founded in 1549 was a popular tourist destination

mexico silver spoon
Nice detailed  image of a vaquero.
I like the nice mustache -- and also notice he is holding a cigar.

mexico silver spoon

The Bishopric Palace (Palacio del Obispado) in Monterrey, Mexico

mexico silver spoon
Some of the spoons on the top of this picture are modern and readily available at tourist sites in Mexico

mexico silver spoon
Detailed embossed bowl of
Tijuana, Mexico landmarks including the ruins of the old adobe courthouse
and a boundary monument (click for more)

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