One of the favorite items to put on mining spoons is the gold pan.
The easiest and cheapest way to prospect for gold is to buy a cheap pan and then spend hours swishing dirt around in the pan and letting the water wash off the lighter elements.
The heavier chunks of gold will sink to the bottom and eventually a few small nuggets or gold flakes will be left in the pan.

gold pan spoons

These are just a few of many different styles of gold pans displayed on  souvenir spoons.

These type of spoons tend to be generic and typically only refer to an area. In some cases the spoon bowls show various other designs which often have no mining relationship.

Please note that the tiny nuggets shown in MOST of these pans are NOT gold. They are tiny beads of silver.

gold pan nugget spoons
These two demi sized spoons are different than those shown in the above picture, because the nuggets shown in the pan are actual gold flakes.
In total weight they are not that heavy, but they are examples of true placer gold.
The bowls and the gold wiring are plated.

gold pan nugget spoons

This is a detail view of the nuggets in the pan. These are soldered to the pan.

skagway gold pan spoon

Nice gold pan spoon from Skagway, Alaska

mining pan san francisco spoon

Nice mining pan spoon from San Francisco.
The components of the pan appear to be crystalline shape with a trace of gold

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