Mining was a very important activity during the time of the great souvenir spoon era, thus we find many spoons dealing with this subject matter.

Most of the prospector themed spoons were designed to fill a marketing niche and the life of a prospector was idealized.

prospector spoons
1. demi with gold washed bowl. holding a nugget, sterling
2.  large demi of prospector holding a nugget and leaning on his pickaxe. Engraved "Revelstoke" (British Columbia), sterling
3.  spoon with prospector leading a mule (3 dimensional) --may be more modern,.sterling by 'Bell'
4. "gold mine" wielding a pickaxe , engraved in bowl "Grandma" and dated on the back 10-17-04, sterling
5. "struck it rich at last" prospector with the state capitol building in Denver lightly embossed in the bowl, sterling by ELD
6. miner at rest and the gold washed bowl engraved "Idaho Springs Colorado", sterling
7. Miner examining a nugget, gold washed bowl embossed "Royal Gorge, Colorado", sterling
8. "millions in it" miner examining a nugget. gold washed bowl engraved "Los Angeles, Cal", sterling, hand made spoon
9. demi "holding down a claim" showing a miner with a rifle in the bowl, sterling

hard rock mining spoons

1. copper spoon with miner at top working a winch and two miners in the bowl working underground. Back marked "Montana"
2.  two miners at top working a winch and two miners in the bowl (see detail below).
3.  souvenir spoon with mining, train, mule, miner scenes and a loaded mule in the bowl. sterling. Back has cattle herding scene.
4. mule and hard rock mining scene. Gold washed bowl engraved "Long Beach, Cal", sterling, back has panning gold scene
5. loaded mule finial and hard rock mining scene on stem. Bowl embossed "San Gabriel Mission Los Angeles". back has gold panning scene, sterling by ELD

hard rock mining spoonhard rock mining spoon
Detail pictures of the #2 spoon above. Both pictures are embossed
The spoon is identified as being made by "Henry Bohm Denver" and the back has "Denver" bright cut engraved in a nice script
The unusual part is that it says "colorado silver". I am not sure what that means. I suspect it is sterling with silver mined in Colorado,
but sometimes silver plated items are marked with strange terms.
Just below the top miner picture are the letters "ha". I suspect this is the initial of the designer or silversmith.
Bohm is known to have been in the jewelry business in Denver (ca. 1896) and his large home still exists.
I have now learned that this spoon was commissioned by Otto Mears, a railroad magnate in the Colorado area.
The spoon was made in an unknown limited edition and given to guests at a banquet in Silverton, Co. in 1891.

bucket of blood spoon

The "Bucket of Blood" is a currently operating saloon in the tourist attraction of  Virginia City, Nevada (near Reno)
I suspect that this heavy sterling spoon is related to the current operation rather to the time when the Virginia City area had an operating silver mine

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