When I visit a new city, I am often intrigued by the monuments which I find. The local people have seen them constantly and they just treat them as part of the "landscape". But for visitors they are impressive works of art that deserve special recognition.


The late Victorians loved to create stone, bronze, and marble monuments to honor

important people and events. In almost all communities, statues of local generals or

military heroes on their horses have been erected in the town square. When the community

chose to honor a larger group of people, the monuments became even larger and more

decorated and were often designed in obelisk form as typified by the Washington

Monument in the Capital Mall area. Many of the civil war battlefields have numerous

monuments honoring the “fallen heroes”. These were often made and dedicated by

communities and groups far from the actual battlefield.


Spoons showing these monuments range from common to very rare depending on the popularity of the monument.