Monaco is a constitutional Republic comprising less than one square mile (second smallest country) and located on the French Riviera.
It is surrounded on three sides by France and the fourth is the Mediterranean Sea.
With a population of about 36000 inhabitants it is the most densely populated country in the world.

Monaco has been ruled by the House of Grimaldi since 1297. The family was very powerful in nearby Genoa
but due to constant politics and war, the family changed its base of operations to Monaco.

monaco souvenir spoons
1. finial depicting a variation of the House of Grimaldi coat-of-arms. The bowl is engraved 'Monte Carlo'. The spoon has a French minerva silver mark indicating second quality silver.
Monte Carlo is the most populace quarter of Monaco (it is not a separate city)
2. The finial has a different version of the House of Grimald's coat-of-arms. The bowl has a stamp saying 'metal argent' which might be a very unusual marking for silver or it could mean that this is just a silvery metal.
The handle of this spoon is a very strange shape -it is wider in the center and very deep and thick. I have been unable to figure out what it is suppose to represent and
can use the help of my readers. Contact me

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