The civil war was the bloodiest and worst conflict in which  United States forces have engaged.
The war pitted father against son, brother against brother, state against state and threatened to tear assunder that great expeniment in Democracy proclaimed in 1776.
Many brave men fought and died on both sides and many cities chose to honor their dead soldiers and sailors by erecting monuments.

civil war monument spoons
All spoons shown are sterling except for the two identified below (#12 and #13)
from left --around top (detail bowl pictures shown below)
1. pattern handle, by Alvin
2. pattern handle, unidentified manufacturer
3. Louisiana state handle by Manchester
4. pattern handle, no manufacturer
5. demi, Gettysburg handle, Reed and Barton
6. flower handle, by Mansfield
7. flowered handle by Mechanics div of Watson
8. pattern handle by Mechanics div of Watson
9.  wavy Kentucky state handle by Shepard
10. No. 2 pattern by Shepard
11. pattern handle by Mechanics div of Watson
12. Confederate soldier finial -silver plated spoon , no manufacturer and silver plate is badly worn
13. demi 800 silver by REU -Anderson House, Mo. scene of a 3 day civil war battle
bottom vertical
14. demi Gettysburg handle, by Watson
bottom horizontal
15.  pattern handle by Alvin

civil war monument spoons
1. Louisville, Kentucky, 70 foot column on the University of Louisville Campus (moved) first erected 5/6/1895
2. Bridgeport, Connecticutt, at Seaside park erected 8/17/1876
3. Darlington, Wisconsin on Main St (hwy 22) erected 10/15/ 1899
4. Mt. Carroll, Illinois -originally named for Charles Carrol who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and moved to Courthouse Square erected 10/6/1891

civil war monument spoons
1. Worchester, Mass. 66 foot column topped by a bronze sysmbol of victory on a 24 sq ft base. erected 7/15/1874
2.  Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 65 foot column erected 7/4/1899
3. New Orleans, La. monument to Robert E. Lee at the Lee traffic circle is a 60 foot doric column erected in  1884
4.  Peoria, Illinois on the east side of the courthouse erected 10/6/1899

cleveland monument spoons
spoons are sterling
In honor of the Cuyahoga County residents who served in the Civil War
1. embossed view of the Cleveland monument on a state handle, by Mechanics div of Watson
2. engraved view of the Cleveland monument by Towle and dated 7/11/99

civil war horse monument spoons
horiz: Chicago, Illinois, Logan Statue. Logan was a civil war general who was also a Vice Presidential candidate on the Blaine ticket and a prime campaigner for the Memorial Day Holiday
vert: Gettysburg, Pa , Gen. George G. Mead Statue dedicated 1863

indianapolis memorial spoon soldiers
all spoons are sterling and show an image of  the Indianapolis, Indiana Soldiers and Sailors monument
This is a 284 1/2 foot neoclassical column located at Monument Circle in the center of Indianapolis was erected in 1901.
It was designed by Bruno Schmitz to honor the brave Hoosiers who died in service to their country in all the wars.
The base contains the Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum.
There is also an observation deck that is only about 20 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty.

1. pattern handle by Mansfield 
2.  pattern handle --unidentified maker mark with a  gold washed bowl
3. pattern handle --no manufacturer mark
4. Illinois art nouveau handle by Towle with a gold washed bowl

Indianapolis soldier monument spoonindianapolis stem spoon
Both of these spoons are made from the same die.  The left one is a slightly better die strike and is a slightly sharper image.
Fancy lettering handle by Dominick and Haff and retailed by Julius O. Walk & Son

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