large monkey spoon fish
Large monkey spoon with a chased tree shaped stem and a Greek style medallion on the stem
The bowl features two fishermen surrounded by foilage which is surrounded by flowers and leaves
Above the medallion is a ribbon which usually signifies that this was a present
The tip of the stem features a squirrel munching a nut which is often an indication that this spoon was designed to serve nuts.
The spoon is marked both sterling and 925/1000
The styling indicates that it was probably made in the 1870 -1890 time period

large monkey spoon
Large monkey spoon with a very large repousse/chased bowl featuring a village scene with a church steeple and a windmill.
On the stem is a shield/urn with a putti and that usually indicates that this was a funeral spoon
the finial features a rampant lion
The marks are unclear but the spoon was probably manufactured in Schoonhaven

large monkey spoons
left: Large round cast bowl featuring a bird surrounded by art nouveau style decorations
The urn shaped boss with a face indicates it might have been designed for a funeral
The finial at the top is a  bird looking backwards
The marks indicate that it was made in London in 1891 by WC of sterling silver
Large pointed bowl  cast with some interesting pictures
In the center are two men and one is holding a club behind his back
To the lower left is a picture of a woman hidden in the design.
On the right side of the spoon at the same level as the woman is a bearded man (difficult to see)
In the center bottom is a bird
All of these shapes are surrounded by art nouveau designs.
I would have guessed that this was a marriage spoon, but the shield featuring a man  is misleading
and the finial features the same bird
The marks are London 1890 by the same silversmith WC of sterling silver

large monkey spoons
Both of these spoons feature very large bowls
The large cast, repousse and chased bowl with numerous cuts features the crowned Amsterdam Coat of Arms
The shield is a three masted sail boat and the finial is a backward looking bird (the same casting as in the previous picture)
There are two marks --one of which is the Dutch sword and the other is unreadable
I would guess that this spoon was made in Schoonhaven and the maker is probably affiliated with WC in London
the large cast bowl with just minor touchup work features a sailing ship.
The shield features Queen Victoria's coat of arms and
the finial is the same cast bird looking backward.
There are no marks on this spoon but I would guess that it is the same firm.

large monkey spoon deep bowl
This spoon features a very high arch on the cast stem and the bowl is very deep. My guess is that it was designed for use with a punch bowl.

The bowl is cast, repousse and chased and features two angels holding an urn of flowers all of which is surrounded by leaves and foliage
The boss is an urn type shield which features a seated man holding a staff.
The finial is the same cast bird looking backward.
There is a Dutch lion second quality silver mark
I would guess that this spoon was made by the same firm.

justice symbol monkey

A monkey spoon featuring the symbol of Justice in the bowl. The boss is a funerary symbol.
At the finial is a bird.  The same bowl is also found on a bonbon spoon, but since it is hand done, there is a difference in workmanship

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