Unusual Variations

monkey spoons
1. Repousse/chased bowl of a man pushing a woman in a sled chair with buildings in the background.
I have never seen a sled chair like this.  The finial is a standing lion (but with a little imagination, I could see someone saying it looks like a monkey)
The name 'Caroline' is engraved on the back and this is the first time I have seen a name on a monkey spoon. I thought that was pretty strange and
had expected to see names on a number of them if indeed they were to honor someone who recently died. One untraced mark
2. Repousse/chased bowl depicting a young man elegantly garbed and identifying him as Edward V1.
Edward V1 of England  (1537-1553)  was the son of King Henry V111 and Jane Seymour and was the third Tudor monarch and the first Protestant, but he was only the king for about 6 years.
This spoon was probably made in the late 1890's and I do not understand why they would have made a spoon in this shape for this monarch. The finial is a coat of arms.
The back indicates that it is sterling silver with what appears to be pseudo English marks and there also other marks which have not been traced. I believe it was made in the  Netherlands.
money spoon coat of armsking edward V1 spoonmonkey spoon chair sled

3 and 4 are conventional monkey spoons

old style monkey spoons
both of these spoons appear to be monkey style spoons but they are not very elaborate.
I am guessing that they are  earlier versions of the monkey spoons that we are used to seeing.
1.  undecorated bowl. The finial is a cock which is very nicely worked, the hook is also of a simpler style and there is no boss
Three marks--Dutch 2nd quality slver and French Minerva mark and an untraced mark with a square punch and the numbers 37 over JK

2.  Undecorated bowl with simplified punched engraving decoration on the stem. A round hollow silver ball is mounted on the stem and a
very simple hook is soldered to the back of the stem.
The hook is marked with a 'T' in a circle and there are two other untraced marks one of which is a Dutch 2nd quality lion mark.

monkey spoons
1. Repousse/chased bowl of a man teaching a dog to sit up and beg with windmill and foilage in the background.
Dutch lion key overstamp for quality and 2 other untraced marks.
I can't figure out the meaning of this finial
monkey spoon finial
same finial for 1 and 2 and 3.
From some angles it looks like a dragon or snake
2. Repousse/chased bowl of an ice skater carrying a pole with windmill and foilage background.
Dutch lion/key overstamp mark, 2 untraced marks
3. Repousse/chased bowl of a contented cow lying down with background buildings.
Similar marks to #2 with only small variation
4. Repousse/chased pierced love bird bowl showing two birds nestled together and extensive chasing around the edge
The finial is a bird sitting on a dragon (snake?). no marks

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