Silver spoon manufacturers were very creative and tried to fill every niche that would produce sales.

The month spoons were designed for people who were celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. These spoons were NOT sold as sets, thus the 'sets' which you see on this page have been assembled on an individual basis by very patient collectors.  It is not particularly difficult to find individual month spoons, but complete sets are pretty rare.

As expected there are a number of different variations available to collectors,  and the pictures shown are not exhaustive.

Spoon pictures provided by A. Kwiat.

Smonth spoons enamel flowers verse
Beautiful set of enameled flower spoons with a verse for each month

month enamel spoons verses

The gem stones for months are not standardized and manufacturers changed stones over the course of years.
Still the little ditties are fun to read.

spoons months sayings gemstones
These are the most sought after of the month spoons. Each features a gemstone. I suspect that the diamond in the April spoon has been replaced. I do not know
if it is a diamond or a CZ.

Sometimes gem stones in spoons are faceted glass, but I suspect that the stones in this set are real (except April).

spoon month gem stone saying
On this set, I like the way the stones are set with engraving around them to simulate a star.

spoon month marks
This set was manufactured by W & S Blackington Co. of Meriden, Connecticut

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