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Around the turn of the last century, it  became quite fashionable to commemorate Civil War Battlefields. Many of these battlefields were preserved as National Parks and monuments were erected to honor the men who fought and died there. Oftentimes the funds were raised by the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic), but many cities and towns also raised funds to erect monuments to their fallen soldiers. Anyone who has ever visited Gettysburg will attest to the number of monuments which have been erected on that battlefield.

High Water Mark, Gettysburg

Cemetary Gate-Vicksburg

After World War 1, many Soldier and Sailor Monuments were erected in various cities to honor the veterans who fought and died in the "War to end all Wars". These monuments seemed to all take the Obelisk as their primary visual feature, and they all tend to resemble the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. I have a number of these, but since they are all so very similar, I am just showing a few.

          Cleveland, Ohio                  Indianapolis, Indiana             Waynesburg, Pennsylvania


Centennial Monument                Keys Monument

Edwardsville, Illinois                 Frederick, Maryland

This spoon to honor Andrew Jackson is available in both tea and demi size (identical except for size). The finial shows a portrait which is labeled "Old Hickory", his nickname, and the bowl has an embossed picture of the Jackson Monument in New Orleans.

visit the Civil War Monument exhibit

Visit the Revolutionary War Monument exhibit

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