This fraternal order was dedicated to the fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Men

On February 6, 1898, six business men took a stroll together to discuss how they should handle an ongoing musicians' strike.

 Then and there, they decided to start the "Seattle Order of Good Things" to carry out the spirit of their ideas.

The first Aerie was started in Seattle.

(In nature, an aerie is the lofty nest of any bird of prey, such as an eagle or a hawk)

Annual conventions were held and the tenth anniversary was held in Seattle.

By the end of 1901, there were 180 aeries in the U.S. and Canada.
Within 10 years, there were 1,800 aeries in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with an amazing 350,000 members.

This spoon purports to be from that convetion

mother aerie 10th anniversary spoon

The back of the bowl says:
"Ladies' souvenir
10th annual
Grand Aerie Session
Fraternal order of Eagles
Seattle aerie No 1
Aug. 11th to 15th 1908
"Welcome Home"

Mother aerie spoon

the front of the bowl shows the mother aerie house in Seattle, Wash which is also marked as No. 1.

FOE on the handle stands for the
Fraternal Order of Eagles.

The spoon was made by Meyer Brothers of Seattle

However, the word "sterling" on this spoon has been 'x ed' out

mother aerie spoon

as you can see there was an attempt to remove the word "sterling"

Most likely this means that this spoon was NOT made of sterling silver but is instead silver plated (it sure looks like it is sterling)
Furthermore it implies that this is a restrike and was not made for the 10th anniversary.

I do not know who or why this restrike was made.

If you find this spoon with the word 'sterling' intact -- please contact me.

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