Many  communities are very proud of their local mountains, but some mountains have obtained very important world renown status either because of the size, shape, or location. We find many spoons with mountains engraved on them, thus I am presenting just a few of the common ones.

spoons with mountains

left column:

1. Mt. Pisgah and the Rat, Asheville, N.Carolina (height 5757'),

2. Asheville, N.  Carolina,  hand engraved

3. Mt. Agassiz, Bethlehem, New Hampshire, embossed wavy state handle (Shepard)

4. Garden of the Gods, Manitou, Colorado, hand engraved

5. Mt. Kearsarge, demi size goldenrod handle,  hand engraved bowl Wilmot, New Hampshire

Center spoons:

1. Lover's Leap, Cumberland, Md.  flower handle -engraved bowl

2. Old Man of the Mountain, pattern handle, engraved,  aka the great stone face,  White Mountains of New Hampshire

Right column:

1. Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota, pattern handle

2. Summit of Pikes Peak (14247'), Colorado wavy state handle (Shepard)

3 Face Mountain, Skagway, Alaska. Handle shows dog sleds,  seals, White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, mining, sled dog family

    The  city scene shows a lot of tents lin formation. I suspect this spoon was made during World War 11 when Skagway was a major military base

4. Lookout Mountain, Chatanooga, Tennessee wavy handle (Shepard), gold washed bowl. 

5. Mt Tamalpais, engraved bowl on hand made demi spoon with a bear finial,  Marin County, California (now called Mt. Tam)

mt pisgah and the rat
The 'rat' is one of the smaller mountains --but I don't see it

Pikes Peak

In spoon collecting, we find many spoons from the Pikes Peak area of Colorado which was a very popular tourist destination.

Pikes PeakSummit of Pikes Peak

balance rockBalance Rock, Garden of the Gods

Lesser Known Mountains

sugar loafSugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

Mount Shasta, California (14444 ft), embossed

European Mountains

Pompeii, Italy

Mt. Zermatt, Switzerland, 4505 meters

The Adirondack mountains of northwest New York are known for hunting.
mark F.W. Sim and Co.

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