Movie Stars

of the 1920's

Las Vegas show girl spoon

modern design--not silver

I guess it would be expected that we find movie stars on spoons. Normally I do not have much interest in silver plated spoons, but this series of movie star spoons of the 1920's were only created in this manner. I am told that there is another set of movie star spoons in sterling silver, but I have never seen any of these spoons. One of the surfers of this site writes: "they (12) were produced by Oneida for a Hearst Newspaper campaign through Photoplay Magazine in 1925. The artist was Louise K. Lants."

This is entirely plausible, because Marion Davies (a less than exciting movie star) was the mistress of William Randall Hearst, the well known publisher. Davies spoons are much more common than any of the others. You can see Hearst Castle spoons in the "Modern Souvenir Traps" exhibit from the index page.

At the time, these spoons would have been very inexpensive and even today they are readily available for a nominal price. I have seen them priced anywhere from $2 - $25 each. All I can suggest is caveat emptor.

Female Movie Stars

Lois Wilson; Marion Davies;

Norma Talmadge; Pola Negri;

Norma Shearer

Male Stars

Thomas Meighan; Douglas Fairbanks;

Ramon Navarro; Richard Dix

The entire series includes:

Pola Negri, Douglas Fairbanks, Richard Dix, Norma Talmadge, Gloria Swanson, Mae Murray, Mary Pickford, Lois Wilson, Ramon Navarro, Marion Davies, Thomas Meighan, and Norma Shearer."

Note: I have been given information that there is also a Tom Mix spoon, but that information has not been validated yet, so I am unsure if it exists and if it does exist is it part of this series? If anyone has this spoon, please email me with details.

A Different Movie Star spoon

I found this silver plated movie star spoon in a box of "junk" spoons. I am not sure that it didn't belong in that box. Anyway, I know it is related to the movies or stage because it has the comedy/tragedy mask on it. The finial has a nice looking woman and below are the dates 1907 - 1931. There is no further identifying information.  The back is marked with the word "ZANOL". I do not know if that is the maker of the spoon or related to the front of the spoon. 

Thanks to the sharp eye of Paul Doucette, this lady has been identified as actress Rene Mallory (1907 -1931 )

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