The spoons in this exhibited were contributed to the Spoon and Silver Museum by Susan Jay Shellberg.
We wish to thank her for this generous contribution.

spoons rms royal mail ships

All of the spoons pictured above are either silver plated or gold plated 

top left:
1. RMS Andania -- a 13405 ton British passenger and cargo ship launched in 1913. Active as a transatlantic cruise liner and a troop ship in World War 1.

2.  RMS Caronia-- a 34183 ton British Cunard White Star Line ship launched in 1947 (aka Green Goddess)

3.  RMS Brittanic-- The largest of  the British Cunard White Star Line ships and the sister ship of the Titanic and Olympic. She was launched just before World War 1 and converted to a hospital ship in 1915.
The Brittanic was destroyed by an explosion in November of 1916. This was the largest ship destroyed in World War 1 and is currently the largest passenger ship on the sea floor. Of the 1065 people on board, 1035 survived the explosion and sinking.

4.  RMS Queen Elizabeth-- A British Cunard line passenger, and sister ship of the Queen Mary, was launched in 1938 and named for Queen Consort of King George VI. She was larger than the Queen Mary and was the largest passenger ship for 56 years. Her first assignment was as a troop transport ship during World War 2.

5.  RMS Homeric --  Originally named the Columbus, this German ship was launched in 1913. In 1919 the ship was given to Great Britain as part of the World War 1 German Reparations Package and then sold to the White Star line who renamed the ship 'Homeric'.  Her sister ship is the Hindenburg, which was renamed 'Columbus'. The ship was removed from service in 1935

6.  RMS Mauretania
spoon RMS Mauretania

At her September, 1906 launch, the Mauretania was the world's largest ship until 1911 (RMS Olympic)
The Mauretania was also the fastest ship until 1929 and claimed several speed records for over 20 years.
The Mauretania was named after an ancient Roman province on the northwest African Coast. She was retired in 1934.
Her sister ship was the famous Lusitania (sunk in 1915 by a German U-Boat)

7.  RMS Regina
spoon RMS Regina

Launched in 1917, The Regina was a British passenger and troop transport ship in both of the World Wars.

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