Here the art of spoon design meets the art of music making

The conductor and members of his band.(Germany & Switzerland)

More members of the band (Germany)

A very unusual custom made harp spoon. This spoon is exceptionally well made and beautifully decorated with a very unusual shaped bowl. Also note the small guitar spoon. Neither of these pieces are marked, but they are obviously of magnificent design.

A hand engraved picture of the pipe organ at the First Presbyterian Church  in Two Harbors, Minnesota

An interesting sterling salt shaker  ( left-but similar to a spoon) in the form of a mandolin. right-a spoon with a similar design

The samisen is a three stringed instrument similar to a mandolin used by geisha woman.

(Right)sistrum ancient jingling instrument used by Egyptians and Israelites

This Norwegian Man is holding a small violin.The base of the stem says "Hardanger"

Triangle Player
probably silver, but the only marking is "13"

"The Temple of Music"

Pan-American World Fair, Buffalo 1901

President McKinley was assassinated in this building

Set of 6 demi spoons showing various band members

I suspect that they are Norwegian (835 silver)

Cute enameled Harp from Cork, Ireland (ca 1904)

The lyre is of ancient origin and believed to be from Asia. I am unsure of the origin and metal of this spoon, but suspect it is bronze from Persia or Iraq. The little pieces of turquoise add a nice touch to this spoon. (no marks)

Bagpipe player entertaining children on a scalloped Dutch caddy spoon with a rearing horse finial and twin intertwined porpoise stem. The spoon bears Dutch manufacture marks and Scottish import marks

A tribute to renown pianest Arthur Rubenstein

click for more info about Rubenstein

Breman Musicians

A story by the Grimm brothers tells a tale of four pet animals who were owned by musicians, but were abandoned because of their age. They met on the road to Bremen and made "strange and joyful music". (donkey, dog, cat, rooster). A statue has been erected to this story and it stands in the city hall.

hawaii ukelele spoon

Nice spoon from Hawaii featuring a ukelele

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