Mythological Creatures

The European countries have a number of myths and legends which have been handed down for centuries. Many of these strange creatures have been reproduced on spoons which were sold to visiting tourists. Most of these creatures have fascinating stories, but I have not researched them all. The information which I have is provided for your entertainment.

St. Marks Winged Lion

This symbol is emblematic of Venice, Italy.

Munich, Germany

This symbol is used for Munich, Germany spoons. On the left figure, a beer mug is in the figure's right hand and a bible in the left. On the right figure, there is the beer mug in the figure's right hand and a chalice with a cross in the left.

Antique Heads

These antique heads were usually part of a series. We have three different manufacturers represented here. More of these spoons are shown in the Ancient God and Hero exhibit which you can access from the main index.

American Symbols

On the left is a representation of "Uncle Sam". He comes in a variety of different styles on different spoons.

On the right we have an enameled tuxedo'ed figure with "top hat and tails". I am not sure who it is supposed to represent. Pictures are the same spoon.

This silver plated spoon is "Sunny Jim", who represented the Force Food Co. of Buffalo, New York. This was one of the first cereal companies (reg'd 1/24/05)

The Salem witch flying on her broom over the 1692 colonial town.

Italian figures

On the left is a centaur, a female body with a horses hind end. It looks like she is holding a castle in her right hand and an "Aladdin's lamp" in her left (guess).

note: the centaur is found on Italian and Greek spoons

The figure on the right is a "Harpie Horse" from Florence, Italy. It looks like a face on a snake head which is winged. More available in the Large European Server exhibit.

This is the bowl for the leftmost spoon in the above picture.

This strange 3 legged woman is found on spoons from Venice and Palermo, Italy

click --more information on this figure is now available

This dragon spoon shows a boy being swallowed whole. At this time I am not sure of the meaning of this spoon. The spoon is unmarked, but the gold washed bowl is engraved "Milan". I am pretty sure the bowl is silver, but unsure of the handle purity.

Medusa with serpent hair

Roman wolf with Medusa bowl

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