I suspect that this spoon represents a famous European woman, but at this time I am not sure who that is.

noble lady spoon
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon in the picture so that you can ascertain size.

This  spoon measures about 12" and is heavy.

There are three untraced marks in the bowl and I suspect that this spoon is made of 800 silver from Hanau, Germany ca. 1890's

noble lady server
This woman appears to be more matronly but is not as elaborately dressed as some of the other ladies,
 still the dress has nice designs and she has an elaborate necklace and interesting hat and hair style

noble lady spoon
The reverse of the figure is also nicely done

noble lady spoon bowl
The bowl shows extensive repousse and chased workmanship

If you think you know who this lady represents -- send me an email

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