The Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, and Finland have created some of the most beautiful enamel designs in the world. The quality of the champleve and plique-a-jour work is the best of the best.

In addition to the spoons pictured here, fantastic examples of enamel work on silver of all kinds can be seen in many museums and some pieces are usually available through the top auction houses.

This workmanship is still being performed today. New examples are as beautiful and exciting as many of the older pieces. The only truly innovative spoon work on a major scale still being done today is from the Scandinavian area.

Eskimo Exploring the Globe


Beautiful examples of modern enamel work on handles

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Very striking hand made, hand painted, enameled spoon by P. Hertz. The picture just does not do this spoon justice. The quarter is to show relative size.


All three of these pictures are from the same spoon (front,back, bowl)

The enamel work is gorgeous and the colors are bright and vivid.

Cloisonne sail boat

Norway Centennial Anniversary Spoon

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This spoon does not have any enamel, but it is an excellently designed spoon which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Norway Constitution.

The finial is a large lion rampant which symbolizes the Country. In the bowl the inscription 1814 - NORGE - 1914. The spoon is made with some casting and the bowl and all decoration is hand chased by H. Moller (Trondheim-830 purity).

This is an exquisite Enameled bon-bon spoon. The first picture shows the front of the handle, and the second shows the back of the handle. The pictures are really inadequate to show this beautiful piece which has dark blue, white, light blue, gold, green and red enameling on a gold plated surface. The detailed enameling and silversmithing just doesn't show up in the pictures.

Helsingfors, Finland (enameled name in bowl)

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