Modern Nordic Enamel Spoons

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Common Norwegian symbols, champleve enamel, clear covering

The eskimo with the candle is dated  1969

The red flower spoon is dated 1953

These very pretty guilloche enamel spoons apparently came in different colors.

The top is the Bergen emblem, with a sail boat scene middle and a fish market scene below

the non enameled parts of the spoon are gold plated over sterling

These two pretty vermeil spoons were manufactured by TH Marthinsen Co., a very well respected silver smithing firm. Note the right spoon has a small white dot and discoloration on it. This is a manufacturing defect and the spoon was probably sold as a "second". This defect severely reduces the value of this spoon. Any attempt to repair it would be very costly and would probably cost more than the value of the spoon.


Kristiansund (note similarity to above spoon)

A cute enameled Nordic angel dated Christmas, 1959

The festival of St. Lucia is very precious to the Swedes because it comes at a "dark time" of the year, when one is apt to feel gloomy. Lucia is the oldest girl in the family. She wears a crown of candles and a white robe, and wakes the rest of the family with coffee and a tray of "Lussekattor" (saffron buns). There are also "Lucia Parades". It is based upon an old evil medieval character which has been changed into this friendly version.

Unusual maroon colored spoon with pretty enamel work and with London import marks dating it to 1958

Pretty white enameled feather (gold washed bowl)

Nicely enameled round stemmed bowl with stars and "flame" finial and vermeil bowl
(front and back are similar)

This very pretty spoon features white flowers with a hint of green on a vermeil spoon which is dated July of 1956. Made by Michelsen of Copenhagen. A matching fork was also made.

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